Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fall Back

I love the day we set the clocks back an hour. I do it on the Sunday morning when I get up, so then it feels like I have an extra hour in my day, to do whatever I want the time for. Good deal!

I have been using the time this morning to make some changes to the birds' cage accessories, and put the new mats under them - took forever to find ones that would work. I found them in the automotive section - they're truck cargo mats. Perfect for under big bird cages. I had clear plastic runners under them before that, but I had to put 2 under each cage, and they were a pain in the butt.

Now the birdies have their new mats, along with some new perches & new toys - you have to swap out their toys regularly so they won't get bored. I also got them mirrors so they can talk to themselves during the day if they don't want to talk to each other. :-D

Now I've gotta go take care of the rest of the house, and then I'll be playing Nightfall some more! Yay!
I hope everyone else is having a good weekend! :-)

**Edit** Blogger wouldn't let me post this until now... "There were errors". Grr.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm Still Here

Just in case anyone thought I bailed. ;-p
Been busy with the new birds, and the game (new chapter comes out this weekend, by the way!) and my kids, and regular life stuff. It's all good, though. :-)

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Birthday and Birds

Busy weekend, but we had lots of fun!!!

The birthday party was a success - we had just the right number of kids for complete insanity without major destruction. :-)
The kids had a great time being kids, and it was fun to watch them.

After the party, we went out to eat and on a ghost tour with our family who was here for the weekend. The ghost tour was interesting - we'd never done one. Cool stories. And we love spending time with this family group - they're awesome!!!

We have two new members of the household family now - they were rescue birds, and needed a little more time and attention than my family felt they could give them among their other birds, and they know I'm a "bird person", and have really missed having my "big" birds, so this was a perfect match! Bandit is a little Goffin's Cockatoo who was plucking his feathers, and will need extra TLC, but is a sweet, cuddly, funny little guy. All he wants is to be held & petted. He has the typical Cockatoo clown personality. Very entertaining. Marley is an African Grey, which are my favorite parrot - they're brilliant birds. He lets me scratch his head & pet him already, even inside his cage, so we're already becoming buddies. He talks up a storm, and of course makes all sorts of sounds. He has an entire one-sided phone conversation, from ring to hangup, too - it's a crackup!

Here are some pictures of our new babies:

After some time, Bandit should stop plucking and grow his feathers back, so he won't be half-naked! He's still a beautiful baby, though! And see how gorgeous Marley is? :-)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

No Time To Say Hello, Goodbye!

Busy, busy, busy! But it's all good. :-)
My daughter's birthtday party is this weekend. We're having a "Big Little Kid" party - we've got Play-Doh, Slinkies, jacks, finger paint, coloring books, Chutes & Ladders, Candy Land, fun Zoo-Pals, cups, Sponge-Bob party hats, noisemakers, and lots of junk food. Oh - and Stick the Tail on the Donkey, by request of her friends. These are teenagers we're talking about here! It's so fun to see them get excited about and "into" this! The whole thing was my daughter's idea, and her friends were all for it, which was a pleasant surprise for me - I wasn't sure if they'd think it was too "uncool". She has a fun group of friends, though.

We also have some family people coming to visit, who are going to be "Big Little Kids" with us as well! AND they're bringing us a feathered addition to our family! They rescue pet birds, along with having their own "core group" of 4 or 5, and sometimes one needs more attention than it can get in that setting, or just doesn't get along with the "big" birds (large cockatoos - different types), so they need to find it another home. The one they're bringing is an African Grey, which I'm partial to, and know how to work with. There's a possibility that they'll bring a second bird, too, but we're not sure yet. If they do, that one will be a very cuddly Goffins Cockatoo, which my kids will be thrilled about. He needs more attention than they can give him, and he and the Grey have become buddies. The only hitch is that the original person who was supposed to take him (whose husband doesn't like him), wants to try again. So that depends on her hubby's answer...
I'll let you know!

So, all in all, quite a fun and exciting weekend ahead. I hope you have a good one, too! :-)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's a Spam Lamb!

(Said by whom, on what show? - I grew up watching this show every night at dinner - yes, I'm really that old...)

You know you've "arrived" as a blogger when you're getting spam comments...
(They're in the comments of my 6-o'clock bird post, below).
"One of the most avid webpages I have get over. Impressive, exactly brilliant."-----"Not typically do people like us come in along stated prior to this site with so very much inside updates that is in postulate."
You'd think they could at least attempt to speak decent English...

Edit: PS - the show was M*A*S*H, and it was Hawkeye, who sculpted an Easter "lamb" out of SPAM lunchmeat when they couldn't have real lamb...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Six-O-Clock Bird

There's a bird that lives somewhere in or around my yard, that I've never seen, but I get to hear every morning. How do I know it's the same bird? Because every morning, right around 6am, he has a song to sing. It's sort of like a little feathered alarm clock. Loud little fucker.

No problem at all on the weekdays, since I get up before he does, but does the bird not know that you're supposed to sleep in a little on Sunday? Apparently not. He must be how all the other little birds wake up... I mean, come on - even the roosters that live around here don't crow that early!
(That whole crowing at dawn thing is a myth, by the way - the roosters are smarter than that!)

Now, I'm all for birdsong in the morning - once I'm up, I love to sit on my porch under the big oak tree with my coffee and listen to the sounds, but that's when I'm up, and I have coffee. Very important. When I'm still all snuggled in my nice warm bed, knowing that I don't have to get up early for work, I don't want to hear anything but the quiet of my room...

Yeah. I know. Good luck with that. Meh.