Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where Does The Time Go?

Time keeps flying away.

The girls and I went to the HP book party, had a great time. Looooong night, but it was fun. Then the next morning we drove to Orlando to meet up with a friend from Massachusetts, and her family. Had a lovely visit with them - it was amazing how much the kids had grown since the last time we'd seen each other.

Haven't had much time to play with the Wii yet (I haven't - the girls have), but I did set up Wii Connect 24, so it's connected to the internet. That way it checks online for software updates, and we can check weather & news on it. Pretty handy! Yeah, I know I can do that on my computer, too, but still.

And as if we don't spend enough time playing games (never!), my daughter introduced me to this little gem. I find it very relaxing (probably because of the music on it), and it's just an enjoyable little game. My best score so far is 261, which is probably about the lowest you can have & still finish the game, but that's okay. :-) I've tried out some of the other games on that site, too. There are a lot of nice, fun, non-bloody games in there, along with some ickier ones. People are very creative! Go check it out!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Movie, A Book, and a Wii

The girls and I went to see the newest Harry Potter movie last weekend - we enjoyed it. My daughter, who remembers every detail of the books she reads and gets very annoyed when the movies don't follow exactly, had some things to say about the pieces that were left out of the movie, but it was mostly well-done, and you can't put everything in, anyway, or the movie would be six hours long!

We're going to the Midnight Magic party Friday night, in anticipation of book seven. I'm not sure whether the girls have decided about dressing up - one was torn between being Tonks & someone else, and the other just hadn't created an outfit yet. I will be in my normal "muggle" clothes. :-)

We got a Wii !!!!!!!!!!!
What fun!!!!
We have the Wii Sports game that came with the console, and Wii Play, which has 9 other games.
It was easy to set up, and to get used to the controls. Our shoulders & arms were sore after that first day, but what a blast!
Hey, maybe we can create a full-body toning workout here. Use the Wii for upper-body stuff, and alternate with DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) on the PS2 for the legs. Hmmmm.
"How to get fit playing video games" Cool! LOL

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Yep, I'm a Magic Girl :-)

You scored as Elementalist, You are an Elementalist: You are the main magic behind any team. You are a master of the elements, and a powerful mage fit for most teams.













Which Guild Wars Profession Are You?
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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Now, I Ask You!

Does this make any sense to anyone????

In the county where I live, it is illegal to use fireworks. Okay, that I understand - they're dangerous, and they're a major fire hazard in a place where the fire risk index is usually very high right around the times that people want to use fireworks.

However, it is perfectly legal to purchase fireworks.


What exactly would be the purpose of that? Other than for the seller to make money, obviously.
And maybe the legal system, because if you're caught using those legally purchased fireworks, there's a fine.

Wouldn't that be sort of like selling cigarettes or alcohol to underage people, and saying, "Okay, now you can legally buy these things, but you can't use them." ?

I just don't get it.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Surprise Visit

Walking past my window the other morning, I saw this:

I'm not sure how often they come, but my dogs don't seem to bother them, or vice versa...

They actually seemed more concerned about me being out there!

Mama herded them out of the yard while I was taking these photos.

But they came back the next day, so I guess they like it here!