Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just Fun Stuff

A couple of fun things have been circulating lately.

One is a video clip from a news story about a shoplifting seagull in Scotland, apparently nicknamed "Sam" by the locals, who have also taken to paying for the chips the bird steals. :-)

The other is a video of a comedienne singing a song she made of all the things a mom might say in a 24 hour day, condensed into under 3 minutes, sung (sort of - she's not a great singer, but she's a crackup) to the music of the William Tell Overture. Too funny!

Here's a link to my YouTube Channel - scroll down past my own bird videos, and the 2 videos should be first in my list of favorites. The others are all Guild Wars related. There's a guy named Zack in Hawaii that used to put those together - he did an incredible job! He's currently working on a World of Warcraft project. Can't wait to see the result. Anyway, enjoy!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Slightly More Recent Pictures

But not THAT recent - they're from over 20 years ago! LOL

Yeah. False Advertising. ;-p
There was peach wine in that papaya juice bottle...
Ooh! Wild woman, wasn't I? LOL
But look! That was my first pet bird!
His name was Nicodemus P. (for Pretty) Bird. :-D

Just a random picture, taken by a boy who wrote some very
sweet things on the back. No, I didn't date him. He was a nice guy.
The kind I probably should have dated, but didn't.

If I ever start dating again, it's the nice guys I'll be
looking for this time around, that's for sure!

And in case you're wondering if I still look like either of these photos,
I'd have to say the top one's the closest match. Without the "partying".

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Many Blessings Upon Them

The FPL team who got our power back on in under one hour during the storm here last night.

There was a lot of thunder & lightning, and heavy rain, when my daughter heard that "pop" of a transformer, and saw a shower of sparks at the pole in front of our yard. Out goes the power.

We lit candles, got out our "battery-free" flashlights, called in the outage, and settled down to wait, figuring we'd have to wait for the storm to blow over before they could do anything.

Not so. Less than an hour after I called, we heard a strange beeping sort of sound, and there in the pouring rain, in the dark, with thunder & lightning still going on, was the FPL truck coming along our street. A few minutes after that, the power was back on.

Huge thanks & good Karma to those linemen who came out & worked in that nasty weather, & in the dark! :-)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Embarrassing Childhood Photos... requested by Janet. :-)
(No baby pics - I entered this family around age 3 & was eventually adopted)

The outfits - kindly remember this was the 7o's... LOL

Me 'n' Santa

Easter - boy, I miss footy pajamas!

Halloween - I have no idea what this costume is supposed to be.

Boo Hoo ghost? Another Halloween

This is the only time in my life you will see me in such a short dress!

Yes, we were stylin' back then...

They finally figured out not to put dresses on me... (I was a total clutz)

Christmas! Yay!

What can I say? I love Santa!

In case anyone's wondering, with the oddly cropped pictures, I had to crop one of my sisters out of the pictures - she won't even e-mail photos of her kids, so she'd completely freak out if I posted any pictures of her. Plus we don't speak. I cropped my younger sister out of a couple too, only because I haven't asked her permission to post any of her. She's the one who gave me these pictures. This is a huge big deal, because up to now, the only pictures I had from my childhood were a few that I "stole" when I moved away. She rescued these "new" ones, and gave me some of them, and even made a DVD for me of others. The ones posted here are from the DVD.