Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good Music

There is a relatively new music artist that I've been listening to, who I heard about through FlyLady , and I want to see more people find out about him. His name is Eric Dodge.

I have both of his CDs, and I've really enjoyed them. He also has a MySpace page that has some samples of his music on it - Everybody Wants To Be Loved is one of my favorites (I linked to it on my own MS page), and Why Not Today, and When I Was Your Age are great, but I actually like all of his songs so far.

If you don't hate country music, go check him out. He's good!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to Work

Boy, was that first morning rough...
After 2 weeks off, all 3 of us had a hard time getting going yesterday (Monday) morning!
But we did it, and 2 days in, we're practically back to our regular routine. More or less. =)
It was nice to get back & see everyone, and to start getting back into the swing of things.

In other news, the baby birds are doing well, and we're keeping an eye on the six "round two" eggs. Cross your fingers that the parent birds will be satisfied with this group & stop laying eggs!
They need to take a break long enough for me to separate them!

The sounds all these little birds make are wonderful, though - I've always loved the sounds of parakeets! (Finches, too, but those little suckers breed every 3 weeks, and I am NOT about to start that!)

I hope everyone is settling into the New Year in good health & good spirits. :-)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Baby Birds (Round 1)

Round 1 because yes, there are more eggs in the nest. I'm going to put some fake eggs in there as these new babies hatch, in hopes that mama will stop laying...

But here are the first babies, all settled into their new cage:

Meet Obey (pronounced "obie", but from Sprite - Obey your thirst),
Mortimer, Winston, and Lymon (another Sprite bird) :-)
(just so you know, my kids named the birds - lol)

So this is stage one of their housing situation. In a couple of months, when we (hopefully) can tell the boys from the girls, we'll get one more cage, and put all the boys in one cage with the dad, and all the girls in another with the mom, and put the original cage with the nestbox away in the attic. Yay!