Friday, June 02, 2006

Do I Look Like Your Personal Assistant?

I got a phone message yesterday from my EX-husband, telling me that he had left "a couple"

of lottery tickets on my porch railing, that he wants me to check for winning numbers. Because 'you're the only person I trust, who has a computer'. And because I'm too freakin' lazy to hand them to the store clerk to check when I'm in there buying more tickets every single day.
So he lets them pile up, then expects someone else to do the work of checking them. But honey, that someone ain't gonna be me. I did enough of this shit when we were married. What I will do is go to the lotto website & print a page of "winning numbers history", and put that and his tickets with his mail (which still comes here because he lived with his parents from when he moved out LAST May, until just recently), and let him check his own fucking numbers.


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