Sunday, May 28, 2006


Normally I hate shopping, for anything, but give me a little bit of money, with the directive to spend it on myself, and drop me in the electronics department, and I am the proverbial Kid in a Candy Store! (Courtship tip for any future possible boyfriends: don't give me jewelry, clothes, or fancy anything. Think geek. And shop accordingly. Heh.)
So I had birthday money to spend yesterday, and went out and bought myself a digital camera, (since my had long ago been appropriated by my daughter, who uses it all the time, and my other daughter also has her own) and I also finally got us an all-in-one printer! Yippee!!!
Both were one model up from what I had originally been looking at, and have more or better features, so that was a nice bonus. 'Course, now I have to learn how to use all those features, but it will be fun!


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