Friday, May 26, 2006

David Palmer For President

And yes, I am a "24" addict... Only I haven't seen any of season 5, because I started very late, watching the previous seasons by using Netflix... but hey! No commercials that way! I did the same thing with "Alias" - and now I'm waiting for season 5 for both shows to hit DVD. Anyway,
This country would be SO lucky to find a real-life Palmer to run for President. He's honest, straightforward, & knows thejob. He's noble, has integrity, and has the cojones to do what's necessary to make things happen for the good of the country, even at the expense of causing himself great personal pain. He's not greedy or overly-ambitious.
I'm not sure how a man like that would end up in politics to begin with, but if one ever does, we need to make damn sure he ends up in that Oval Office, and pray that he can straighten out the mess the previous occupants have made of the place!
Yup. Palmer for President!


Blogger Ordinary Janet said...

Oh, Jen, I completely agree! I'm in love with David Palmer. I nearly cried when he got killed off on "24". I watch "The Unit" just to see him, and I watch his insurance commercials just because he's on them. I was thinking that he really would make a good President. Funny thing, I can't even remember his real name-even on "The Unit" I keep thinking he's David Palmer.

6/22/2006 9:51 AM  

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