Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So, I'm Babysitting Teachers Now?

I got fussed at today by my boss because there were some Final grades missing on some of the students' report cards. Now, they're not missing because I didn't enter information that was given to me; they're missing because the information WAS NOT GIVEN to me.
So here's the thing: I have had the data entry job (yes, data entry, as in - people give me information, and I enter it into the computer - my job is not to correct it, change it or question it - my job is simply to ENTER it - [though I do question it and send it back for correction if I know it's wrong]) for about 5 months. The teachers who did not give me the Final grade information have had their teaching jobs for at least 25 years. In addition, they were given very clear directions on what information to provide. They each had one set of grade sheets, and an entire week to fill them out. I had one day to enter the information from 48 sets of grade sheets, request & pick up report cards, and prepare the report cards for the teachers to pick up.
Now I ask you. If a teacher with umpteen years experience does not yet know that they must give each student a Final grade, and cannot follow directions which clearly state that they are to give a Final grade, why is the data entry clerk catching hell for it?! Talk to the teacher!
Or better yet, demand an explanation from that teacher for why they don't know how to do their job. And leave me alone to do mine. Thanks.


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