Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pretty Pretty Princesses

I'm going to be surrounded by 12 & 13 year-olds today! Okay, I suppose most days I'm surrounded by kids that age, working at a middle school and all - LOL! But today my daughter is having her birthday party. Her choice of activity was to have a "dress-up" party. The girls will all get fuzzy hats & matching fuzzy purses, a bunch of plastic "jewelry", colorful boas, and of course lots of treats. And we're having pizza, and cake & ice cream, naturally.

We tend to do fairly simple, small group parties around here - and we have a blast! When my other daughter turned 13, she chose to go to Dave & Buster's, just us and one adult friend we all love. It was tons of fun! And when she turned 14, we had the "big little kid" party I told about in this post.

So we have fun in our own sometimes unconventional style, and we love it!
I hope you have fun in whatever you're doing today!


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