Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tennessee 1

Lots of pictures!

Sun setting on the horse ranch

This is where we had Thanksgiving dinner. Inside is all solid, new-looking wood - beautiful - and the food was excellent. The dog you see running toward my daughter is Jedi, one of the farm dogs. He was a very friendly dog. He went with us on our trail ride, too!

Mama and baby posing for a picture before going into the stable for food.

The view from Nancy & Joe's house. That pond down below is part of their property. The house is at the top of a hill, and has a great view all around.

This isn't the house where we stayed - it's more family. They have a "bird ranch" here; an old barn full of rescued birds (parrots mostly), and they also have 17 rescued dogs. They stay busy.
The house where we stayed also has a gorgeous view, but my favorite view of all is from my sister's property. I didn't bring my camera when we went there, but of all the places we went during our trip, that was the one that made me want to live there. :-)
(Gotta do something about that darned cold weather, though!)


Anonymous Ordinary Janet said...

Oh, I think you can tolerate the cold weather if it means you wake up to stuff like that every morning!

11/30/2006 6:11 PM  
Blogger Just-Me-Jen said...

Yeah, I think you just might be right about that! :-)

11/30/2006 6:46 PM  

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